To provide our clients with a highly efficient & sustainable technological solution
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Cloud-Based Fuel Control Station



Piuci MC Box System

Oval Gear Pulse Meter

Apollo Ultrasonic Sensor


The Smart Fuel Tank System is the solution to fuel stock owners by providing them control over :

  1. Stock Level Monitoring

  2. Fuel Dispensing Transactions (through RFID Keys)

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In line with global trends, data is gathered real time for stock levels through the use of ultrasonic sensors, sending notifications when the stock is low or any anomalies detected.

Besides push notifications from the system, stock owners have access to both live readings and historical records at the click of a button, enabling them to have view of stock levels, ease of stock reconciliation and a comfortable peace of mind.

Overview of Tank Locations

Color-coding based on tank levels

Red      = Low Level

Green  = Healthy Level

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Fuel Management System Control Box

10 Micron Particulate & Water Filter

Apollo Ultrasonic Level Gauge

4" Lockable Inspection Port

Fuel Management System Control Box

Mechanical Flow Meter

2" BSP Fill Point

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Smart Fuel Tank System
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  • 56L/min 230Volt fuel pump

  • Mechanical flow meter

  • 10Micron particulate & water filter

  • 4m length ¾” delivery hose

  • Auto shut-off nozzle

  • Bulkhead light

  • 2" BSP fill point

  • 4" Lockable inspection port

  • LRC overfill prevention probe

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Smart Fuel Process

User approach fuel tank

System verifies key & authorizes pump to start

System logs transaction to user ID

User presents RFID key to reader

User performs refilling

Data captured, retrieved & presented to office