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To provide our clients with a highly efficient & sustainable technological solution


Isolocork is an exterior or interior insulation system based on natural cork. Can be supplied with granite finishes, smooth or textured, and is the fastest system to apply. It’s a patented product and has the following characteristics: very high durability; excellent acoustic, thermal and vibration performance; permeable to water vapor allowing the room to breathe; A + quality of indoor air; does not release toxic smokes; fire barrier; easy repair; 100% recycled; 100% natural.



3mm thick for indoor and outdoor applications where the main need is humidity insulation and eliminate fissures. Product designed for quick and easy application on any type of façade. Wide variety of colours available. Unlike ETICS coatings, you do not need to change the structure of the building (door sills and windows).


Exterior coating for those who need high sound, thermal, humidity and vibrating insulation, but no visible gapes. Granulated finishes at desired color. High impact resistance and easy to repair.


Pre-finished coating with mineral coating, for those who need high acoustic, thermal, humidity and vibration insulation. Visible gaps with finishes of granite stone or sand. High impact resistance and easy to repair.

Technical Specification

In the vast majority of cases, people seek outside insulation due to humidity at home. Cracked walls or damaged paint, provide the development of fungi inside.

When your problem is just indoor humidity, cracked walls or because you need to paint the exterior, Isolocork Filler is the best solution. This product is sprayed on the wall as a paint. If you have an ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System) system installed and need to recover it, Isolocork Filler is a solution. So easy it can be applied by anyone.

If you need to insulate your home to ensure the highest thermal and acoustic standards, then the solution is the Isolocork Board, which can be supplied with or without visible joints.

The Isolocork Board Mineral is the fastest to install. It is finished and ready to apply on the facade. Developed for the construction of facades in granite, solid brick or stones, the Isolocork Board Mineral, guarantees the appearance of a traditional façade with the insulation of an ETICS system.

The Isolocork Board Filler can also be supplied flat or textured. It is supplied pre-finished to apply on the facade and then sprayed with the Isolocork Filler.

Technical Specification

Any of the products have been specially developed to be a fire barrier, not to produce toxic smokes, to guarantee A + quality of the indoor air, to be fast and easy to apply, 100% natural and 100% recyclable.

Isolocork board mineral was developed for those who need high standards of isolation allied to the aspect of granite. Although any color is possible, this product is very fast to apply since only need to glue it to the wall. The joints are visible and imitate a granite façade.

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Isolocork 3.png

Isolocork Board Filler is composed of specially developed cork boards to be applied to the wall, ensuring the same insulation standards as the Isolocork board mineral. This product after application is sprayed with Isolocork Filler. With no visible joints, the Isolocork board Filler guarantees the best facade finish. Can be supplied flat or textured. If you need the best insulation, but also need solid brick facade, stone, or another, the Isolocork board Filler is the solution.

Isolocork Filler is the ideal product for the elimination of cracks, recovery of facades and total insulation to humidity. This product is sprayed on flat or textured facades, does not need to change door and window sills, is very fast to apply, is paintable, does not produce toxic fumes, is an excellent barrier to fire, can be applied indoors or outdoors and on curved surfaces.

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