MoClean® combines automated tank cleaning and sludge separation with classical sophisticated vacuum truck operation. It is fully integrated process system with ESD and EEX-operation considerations with a modified vacuum truck system. It has full vacuum truck capabilities. The  MoClean® is suitable for all oil product tanks like diesel, jet fuel and gasoline tanks. It is also suitable for mid-size black oil tanks up to around 76 diameter. Most importantly, it has the highest level of Safety achievable on a vacuum truck.


RJH:The MoClean® system is divided in two sections:

1) The tank cleaning nozzles clean your tank interiors using low-pressure, high flows of re-circulated media or wash water. They are installed in the tank via existing openings or specially cold-tapped holes. You decide on the type and number of nozzles based on the type and size of your tanks.


2) The MoClean® truck combines the features of a traditional vacuum truck with unique sludge separation and media re-circulation capabilities. It parks near the tank, but outside of the EEx Zone. MoClean® draws sludge out of the tank into the truck, where it separates the solid and liquid components. Then it re-circulates the cleaning media to the tank through the nozzles, and discharges the oil fraction for you to re-process. The truck motor provides the power and compressed air required for the cleaning process. All you need to supply externally is steam for heating and nitrogen to make the tank inert.


  • Suction and Separation Facilities

  • Recirculation Pump

  • Large Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Control Systems

  • Tank Cleaning Nozzles

  • Hydraulic Units

  • Necessary Hoses, Pipes and Other Equipment for Connection

The BLABO® system is an automated, mobile and modular, non-man entry oil tank cleaning system. Especially designed to clean large volume, difficult-to-clean oil tanks, the BLABO® system can be tailored to meet your individual needs – whether you simply need efficient tank cleaning or if you require tank cleaning, sludge separation and oil recovery in one integrated process. BLABO® is suitable for both floating and fixed roof tanks. Compared to manual cleaning techniques, the BLABO® system cleans tanks much more safely and quickly. A distinctive feature of the BLABO® system is its closed loop cleaning system, which heavily reduces the impact of tank cleaning on the environment and provides near 100% hydrocarbon recovery.

  • Gas-detector tied into ESD system at the truck with 2 alarm levels

o IR LEL detection​

o H2S area detection

o O2 and LEL tank atmosphere gas detection

  • Constant Newson Gale grounding monitoring tied into ESD system

  • Process safety such as Safety valves, overflow protection, non-return valves, double block valves etc

  • Recirculation loop powered from truck PTO

  • Over-rev protection (Chalwyn valves)

  • Spark arrestors

  • Antistatic design with full grounding of all components including hoses

  • ATEX certification of all equipment located within ATEX zone

  • Automatic hose wheel to handle heavy suction hose

*Content and images taken from www.oreco.com



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